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In Pondicherry, we stumbled upon Kasha, from Kasha Ki Aasha restaurant. She encouraged us to see a street art Photography exhibition by Varun Gupta. Varun had produced a series of portraits at the Kumbh Mela, by setting up makeshift photo booths. He invited people to pose and photographed each one twice – each got a free polaroid print while he took another for himself. Some of the results had been printed up on large scale black and white street posters, and were pasted on the walls in the style of Indian cinema posters. The effect was super. It brought to mind all sorts of questions about posing, self-consciousness, posture, identity and so forth. It produced honest images of some of the fantastic Kumbh Mela characters, both pilgrims and sight seers.

Having been attempting some street portraiture myself, I struck up a conversation with Varun Gupta about the ethics of street photography… when, where and how is it appropriate to capture images of strangers – possibly for exhibit. he had some great insights to share, about the importance of some kind of relationship developing between the photographer and the subject, to legitimise the image. And almost immediately, our theory was put into practice when two wandering mendicants bowled up and demanded I give them some money for lunch. We got some great photos. They got a great lunch.





Mattancherry in Kochi, Kerala, has many mysterious doorways.









I photographed this pilgrim in Madurai, just as he rounded the corner to a full view of the southern gateway of Sri Meenakshi temple. He was gone before I mustered up the courage to go and ask him what he thought, but it looks like he was suitably impressed by the astonishing sculptures on the ancient gateway.

meenakshi temple MaduraiDSC04062DSC04038DSC04045DSC04049DSC04052DSC04065DSC04075

Faces, Kerala.

It is difficult to overcome the awkwardness of shooting portraits of strangers. In Cochin, people mostly seem very happy with modelling. Here’s a dozen of my favourites so far…

PortraitsDSC02571DSC02382  DSC02349DSC02278 DSC01581 PortraitsDSC02577 DSC02623DSC02283 DSC02700 DSC02662

Posting on Walls

Traipsing through the streets of Fort Cochin, photographing street art… I quickly realised that you don’t need to be a biennale artist to make a wall look interesting. Many walls in Fort Cochin have had hundreds of years to develop a bit of character. And many much younger walls show the interventions of inadvertent artists, posters of bills, mud, moss, grime and goats. The results can seem very expressionist.

Here’s some samples:

 DSC02291 DSC02292 DSC02293 DSC02296 DSC02337 DSC02344 DSC02363 DSC02371 DSC02370 DSC02295 DSC02089 DSC02080 DSC02051 DSC02012

Further to my last post… still finding leftovers in the streets of Cochin.

DSC02253DSC02275DSC02245 DSC02255 DSC02285 DSC02249 DSC02339 DSC02360

It’s a pity that I missed the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. But perhaps I’m happier to be wandering the monsoon-sodden streets of off-season Fort Cochin, without the throngs of tourists, with time to relax and wait for the rain to stop. And once my eyes had adjusted to what they were seeing, I began to see signs and remnants of the biennale everywhere. I like what the mist and the mud and the moss and monsoon have done to the remaining public artworks. Here’s a few glimpses:

DSC02022DSC01953  DSC02075 DSC02074 DSC02072 DSC02067 DSC02065 DSC02064 DSC02055 DSC02054 DSC02048 DSC02047 DSC02046 DSC02044 DSC02041 DSC02033 DSC02031 DSC02024  DSC01992 DSC01988 DSC01980 DSC01979 DSC01978 DSC01963 DSC01956,

Views from a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala, near Allepy.

DSC01736 DSC01887 DSC01918 DSC01948DSC01616

Some early photography attempts on our Indian adventure…

Lighthouse beach, Kovalum, Kerala. Views from inside and outside the lighthouse. The trivandrum Zoo.


I’ve bought a new camera to travel with. I hope it survives the experience. Twenty years ago I took a great photo in Coonoor, South India. At least I’m sure it would have been great, if my camera hadn’t been stolen before the film was developed…It was a large white cow being led down the steps to the bus station, in the morning mist. It really annoyed me that that capture was stolen – even though it was a cheap camera and my photography wasn’t much, back then. A few years ago I decided that I shouldn’t live my life being annoyed about a missed opportunity – so I recalled the image and painted it. At least I started. Like my last post, it’s unfinished business. Incomplete. But why not post it before I pack it away?


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